Lee Smith at Astor Place

DQM x Girl Skateboards “Everyday” Collection >

DQM and Girl Skateboards have just released a new collaboration for the “Everyday” featuring Lee Smith skateboarding throughout the city with a small cameo by Mike Carroll. Rather than reiterate the details, you can read the full description by DQM … Continue reading

Spencer Brown Switch Frontside Flip Ad for Lockdown

Spencer Brown flipping in and out on Lockdown Skateboards >

Spencer is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. Not just at Skateboarding but everything he does. His style of skateboarding is so complex I can’t even comprehend some of the tricks that he does or how … Continue reading

Iron Claw Skates Video Magazine 1 Premiere

Iron Claw Skates Premiere March 31st >

Come see the first full length video from Iron Claw Skates in all it’s glory. Raspa filmed a good amount of Lurker Lou footage in here so go and check it out. The premiere is on March 31st, 2013 at … Continue reading

HAHAHA Website

HAHAHA from Renato Custodio >

Our good friend Renato Custodio recently released a short piece with Brazillian skateboarder Rafael Gomes, who if you don’t already know has been ripping now for a solid decade in Brazil. Also a good friend of what it [dot] be, … Continue reading

3 Brazilians in the subway chilling &madsh; photo Ricardo Napoli

The Three Amigos in NYC with photography by Ricardo Napoli >

In lieu of a video interview we have dropping in the next few weeks with Bruno Aguerro, JP Dantas, and Alex Carolino, here is a chunk of photos from their most recent trip to NYC this past Fall in 2012, … Continue reading

NY Skateboarding 3.0

NY Skateboarding 3.0 Launch >

NY Skateboarding has been holding down what it [dot] be and everyone else in the New York skate scene for a while now. Since they started there hasn’t been a better source to find out what’s happening in the city. … Continue reading


Evan Smith before professional status. >

Walt Disney’s finest, we’re all getting magic right in front of our eyes, first class, advanced admission and future nature. Evan casting spells on the magic wheels, bringing the most incredible imaginations to reality, manipulating all elements with the magic-stick … Continue reading