Piro Sierra nollies a bump created from the Irene aftermath — photo Ben Kilpatrick
September 10th, 2011

Ben Kilpatrick w/ Piro Sierra >

Colin Read and Tommy Saint Germain came across this spot a week or so ago in Ft. Greene. Pretty damn perfect spot. This past weekend Piro and I met up with Colin, Nic Nootens, and Eby Ghafarian and decided to … Continue reading

Shawn Powers Ollie — photo Darnell Scott
August 23rd, 2010

Shawn Powers Ollie from the Pre-Palace Days >

Here is a funny thing about Shawn; I think he has a cell phone, and if he does, he never answers it or texts… but somehow, he will always find you. That has been my experience with Shawn for the … Continue reading

Dante Debose 360 Kickflip — photo Scott Kramer
July 6th, 2010

Dante Debose Double Feature >

This is a crazy spot. Not only is it a flat gap between two water towers, but it’s in the heart of downtown Ocala right near the courthouse and one of the police stations. To make things worse, you can … Continue reading

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