Dante Debose portrait bricks in BK

Dante Debose portrait on bricks in brooklyn — photo Ricardo Napoli

Native Gainsville, Florida homie Dante Debose has been in town in NYC for the last couple of weeks. He had just got done doing a bid at Woodward. It’s a place where you can work at a skatepark, and skate at the same time. The only downside at times can be that you can get an overwhelming amount of skate questions thrown at you by the amount of kids skating there.

Not that it’s a bad thing but we all need our space. So he was looking for a little escape, a little NYC visit and he got some photos taken of him escaping in the streets. Here are some shots below of him taken by Ricardo Napoli. Maybe you will get inspired @ woodward and go escape to hit the streets instead.

Also paying a visit is Jarrod Brandreth, he is a Canadian homie. He tries to make his way down here as much as possible or at least until his passport runs out. It can be very tricky for these Canadians who love the states, only to find out they have to return home for a certain amount of time to get a chance to come back again. I think Jarrod even made his way out to Sweden to stretch his time in the states longer or something. But anyhow, he came along to skate on this particular week with Dante. He came up on some photos via Ricardo’s trigger finger and bam, check out down below. Peace, and may the sun keep shining in NYC.

Dante Debose ollie in the Bronx

Dante Debose bronx courthouse ollie — photo Ricardo Napoli

Jarrod Brandreth Manhattan barrier kickflip

Jarrod Brandreth Manhattan barrier kickflip — photo Ricardo Napoli

Dante Debose ollie in New York

Dante Debose New York ollie — photo Ricardo Napoli

Jarrod Brandreth crooked grind at the Bronx Courthouse

Jarrod Brandreth crooked grind at the Bronx Courthouse — photo Ricardo Napoli