Walt Disney’s finest, we’re all getting magic right in front of our eyes, first class, advanced admission and future nature. Evan casting spells on the magic wheels, bringing the most incredible imaginations to reality, manipulating all elements with the magic-stick (Element decks) made from maple. Watching a skate video of Evan is equivalent to a Walt Disney picture, making the make believe happen, Evan’s prime in skateboarding is “where dreams come true”. I doubt he gets time to sleep with the life he’s managing, living the schedule of sleep when I die. We’ve all seen every aspect, from interviews, contest, tours, and videos. His previous debut video part “Future Nature” summed up everything, Paul Shier put it in the best way for the sake of skateboard nature. -Rob Larry

Evan, what’s going on?

Right now we are traveling around premiering the Future Nature Element AM video, we are stoked!

Last skate trip, what happened?

I’m in an airplane about to leave from a camping trip, an art film. We filmed along the coast of North Cali and I got to hang with Nick Garcia a bunch. But we had a blast, I’ll just leave it at that and Colin Provost is an epic human! Yeah brohemian.

Most people are devastated when it comes to migrating (in general) to another state or country. Did any anxiety build up, when your parents consulted you about PA?

My parents still live in Florida. I moved in with my aunt and uncle. I was down, that’s all I knew.

From my point of view, the relationship you and your uncle share, reminds me of Peter Parker and Uncle Ben. When you finally arrived to PA, was it a different perspective from what you expected? How was it adjusting and becoming comfortable organically?

Too busy with learning to realize all that, Pittsburgh is just as amazing as Orlando is or anywhere. It’s about family and friends that help when it comes to feeling content with your location.

Before moving to PA, what were the last few things you got to do in Florida?

We made a video called “Just Meshing Around” check it out on Youtube if you wanna see some Florida skateboarding!

As of now, how is the life of a converted newly proclaimed Pennsylvanian?

Busy and exciting and on the edge. We run a family business. It’s called Mr. Smalls, an entertainment complex in Pittsburgh, PA check it out online as well at MrSmalls.com

Now that your in the upper east, are you eager to come to New York like any other skater?

I love New York and all the East Coast, it’s how America got here in the first place.

Did you pick up the guitar before or after relocating to PA?

A year or two before, me and my uncle mission out to Woodward Westem, he got me a guitar around the end of the summer, you gotta love your family. Thanks Mike for getting me into so much stuff. Nest stop the lynx.

Do you have any difficulties playing the guitar or did it come naturally?

Yea, there’s a learning curve, it’s just like learning anything new, but if you really want it just stay persistent and eventually you can raise the bar on yourself. Then on to the next.

How many instruments do you play?

Guitar, percussion, drums, mandolin, banjo and whatever gets thrown my way I’m down to dabble, I’m not very persistent though. I use these to write songs. The instruments are a gateway.

How are you able to practice a total of five instruments?

I just play guitar and sing mostly.

How do you find the time to juggle skateboarding and running a family owned venue?

They both are very important things. I’m down to juggle life a little bit, throw one in the other hand and throw one in the air.

What keeps your interest persistent to orchestra music?

Well we have 8 in our band, so it’s a mini orchestra. We’re siked but we play psychedelic rock.

How often does your group Drowning Clowns get together for rehearsal? Where is practice?

Practice is at Mr. smalls in a secret corridor, but we practice every Monday.

All your video parts had good songs and it complimented your skating very well. Did you have any say so on the tracks that were used?

Yeah we made them as a band. We’re called the Drowning Clowns.

Out of all the songs produced by the group, which one is your favorite?

Night fall featured on the Element AM vid. Check out our music on reverbnation.com/drowningclowns

What ideas helped form the appellation of the band?

My uncle came up with the name by a friend from the past, it’s a long story but we are stoked on the name.

What is it about psychedelic rock that rocks your socks?

The intervals and vast melody strings that you can explore with. I mean it can be anything you want it to be musically.

Favorite song (or songs) and band of all time?

Every good Bushwack Crisis Car.

Where do you see Mr. Smalls in the future?

Well, hopefully into a multimedia world involving high schools where students utilize our facilities to its greatest potential. They would get credits for their electives threw Smalls. That would be awesome.

Good things seem to happen at Mr. Smalls venue. Has there been any historical moments for a band or a show at the Smalls venue?

Snoop Dogg was pretty crazy, I walked in the venue and Gin and Juice was playing. Our bar had a special $2 gin and juice. I was under 21 at the time, but it was sweet. Second thing, Broken Social Scene came to Mr. Smalls, it was their first show in America, they left their amps on stage and jammed till 6 in the morning with my uncle, shit was rad, I wish I could have seen it all go down but I was still in FLA at the time.

How did skateboarding invade your life?

My uncle Mike Speranzo was skating a contest in Tampa on a vert ramp, a couple weeks prior to the contest he got me my first board, I was stoked on skateboarding. Then suddenly watching him try a 6 foot fingerflip to tail and watching his tracktors lockup on the metal pipe. I was in after seeing him get up and keep skateboarding. I love it, it’s a battle.

What was your first set up you got from your uncle?

Alien workshop, Indy’s and Spitfires.

What pros influence your way of skating?

Jeff Philips cause he took everything he knew and threw it up a notch to the next level.

Til’ this day what keeps you pushing the good ole bark?

The ability to express yourself and travel.

Favorite skate video from child hood days and now?

One Step Beyond. And now is probably the new Emerica vid “Stay Gold”.

Are you on any teams with pro’s you looked up to in your young’n days?

Yeah back when listen skateboards was around I found myself hanging around Danny Montoya and Rob G. cause they believed in me as a youngster, but hanging with them was surreal and they know Kenny Anderson very well. He might be the coolest human in existence. So yeah, that was a rad time for me and I’ve been extremely influenced by them even to this day.

What was challenging about filming your Element part?

Knowing there’s a deadline is always hard. But you feel great when you get something accomplished period. But getting tricks is hard sometimes.

2010 was a solid year for you, entering the Maloof Money Cup, being granted the golden ticket to the semi-finals in South Africa.

I qualified 12th place in Africa, I’m lucky I still got my hog legs.

What do you like about Tampa AM? What keeps you coming every year and what’s a few things you have to do when visiting the haters turf?

Tampa rules, I love those guys.

What year was your first time coming to see the AM contest?

First time I was at Tampa I saw my uncle get broke off, he tried a fingerflip to tail and hung up, stoked on skating after that.

What year did you get your very first Tampa AM experience?

I don’t remember, but I have been going for a while.

What is your most memorable Tampa AM moment?
Definitely watching my uncle slam.

Are there any skate shops or companies you’d like to see make a come back?

Black Label stay alive!!!

What flow rider are you stoked on and you feel should gain more recognition?

My friend Chris Blake, he rides for Nike and 5Boro but he deserves a career in this industry. A great personality. Miss you bud!! Manjar.

Any news on graduating to pro status?

Not really, they say just keep skateboarding. And I’m so hyped to do just that.

Hands down for having the raddest uncle in human existence. Speranzo helped mold your interest in activities. Do you have a clue what you would be doing now, if he was not in the picture?

I don’t know, but I’m really stoked he helped me come to as a man. I’d probably be in Orlando with my head up my ass. But I would have had my homies regardless.

You’re an endless machine that does a lot: golf, music, etc. Have you taken any yoga classes like your former team rider Billy Rohan?

No, but your right to think that’s important.

Well, it looks like another potential activity Peter & Ben can pursue. Do you agree to being one of those kids that gravitated to their older peers for company and influence, because they’re that amazing?

Yeah and I’m constantly influenced by the Gods here on Earth that is, there are some humans who just got it and I’d like to co-exist with them as much as possible.

What do you love about Mike?

That he puts others before himself, I think that trait is priceless.

Special thanks too?

You Rob Larry! Your rad, we all enjoy you!

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