Lui Araki Skate Essentials

Lui Araki showing you his bag and pockets in Skate Essentials

Lui Araki is kind enough to show us what he brings with him on a day to day basis in the streets of Tokyo, Japan. We have featured his feed on the [dot] for quite a while now so it is only right for us to show you a little more behind what keeps this homie going.

  1. Geiger counter
  2. the North Face USB 8G
  3. Lens cleaner
  4. Canon FD 50mm F1.4
  5. Contax T3
  6. an adapter for Contax lens and GF1
  7. Contax G Lens
  8. Contax G Lens
  9. Lumix GF1
  10. Cheap film
  11. iPhone 4S
  12. Wallet
photos and words by Lui Araki

Lui Araki is an independent photographer in Japan