For this edition of portraits we bring you the homie Stephan Martinez, and let you in his life just about six questions deep. Quick answers from that sequence knowledge down below in the depths of the [dot]. Enjoy.

Stephan Martinez headshot at Tompkins

Stephan Martinez headshot at Tompkins


Stephan Martinez


20 years old


Venture trucks (flow), DC shoes (flow), Zoo York (flow), Wata

What’s a day in the life like for you right now in NYC?

It starts off with my waking up next to my beautiful girlfriend. Possibly eating n playing CALL OF DUTY for a few hours. Smoke a blunt. Then meet up with Harry to see if we could get things done. If not that then it’s to 12th n A.

I know you’ve witnessed some crazy shit living up here, anything mind blowing lately?

The other day me, Jamel, and Larry were going to my house after this gnar-ass party. Some dude must of been dead wasted cause he crashed his Jaguar into a parked van and jus left it there. It was the funniest thing.

Who do you skate with regularly? Any street spots you been lurkin’ hard at?

Normally I skate with Nate, Jamel, Larry, Bernard or whoever is around at the time. I lurk anywhere. I like the feeling of not planing to do a trick, but still getting stuff done.

Stephan nollie half-cab heelflip ss manual — sequence Bill Tomlin

Stephan nollie half-cab heelflip ss manual — sequence Bill Tomlin

How does that New York weather effect your body in the winter when your skating?

Well, last winter my knee was done. I tore my meniscus about 3 years ago. That was probably the worst thing ever. I never really got it checked out and what not.

For some odd reason the winter cold would just make my knee hurt really bad. Like make it to the point where I couldn’t bend it. I skated probably 5 times last winter.

So Mishka dropped all the skaters. Did this really happen or are you still on?

Yeah it’s true. Nah I’m not still on.

You recently went from skating NIKE SB to DC, right? Why the switch?

Well, I just wanted a change. I’ve been skating nikes for forever. It was like I got onto the trend of liking SB’s kinda late so I guess I had to ride the band wagon a little longer. Recently I’ve been hanging out with my homie Grampa at Autumn skateshop and he told me that him and Josh were looking for some heads to get on DC. I haven’t skated DC’s in years but it sounded sweet. My goal was to pretty much just try something new.

Any brawls lately?

Oh yeah there was that one brawl with the Emo dudes that chill on the island across the street. For some reason they thought we were some bunz ass skaters..but we came n changed their minds real quick. Those dudes was on that disrespectful tip and tried to violate my homie Mike when he was with his family..that was a stupid move on their part cause we see them everyday across the street. Long story short, we went over there n handled them niggas. And my homies dont play when It’s time to get it they got completely mashed out.

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Interview conducted by Rob Larry

Questions by Rob Larry & Bradley Cushing

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