Welcome. Now offering [dots] hardware and classic stickers for sale in addition to Chris Mulhern’s “This Time Tomorrow” DVD. Order all merchandise below and pay with the most trusted company online, Paypal. We’ll contact you and get everything proper once your order has been placed. Email any questions or comments to, regarding merchandise.

For a full view into our first product offering for 2011 take a glance at the what it [dot] be first offering lookbook for 2011.

NYC [dot] tee thumbnail

NYC [dot] tee (white) includes shipping!

Our NYC [dot] tee printed on a white 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester for a clean $20.

NYC [dot] tee thumbnail

NYC [dot] tee (black) includes shipping!

Our NYC [dot] tee printed on a black 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester for $20.

[dot] city skyline tee thumbnail

[dot] city skyline tee (black) includes shipping!

Our [dot] city skyline tee printed on black 100% cotton for the price of $22. hardware

[dots] hardware (5 vials FOR $20) includes shipping!

Get your shit together with [dots] hardware from what it [dot] be. classic

Classic [dot] stickers new colors!

Packages of ten stickers with our classic logo printed on vinyl for $2 and 2 colors.

La Vie: Uruguay DVD

La Vie: Uruguay just released!

Copies of La Vie: Uruguay, a film by Mike Atwood is now in stock for $11. Peep the trailer and buy it.

This Time Tomorrow DVD

Chris Mulhern’s “This TIme Tomorrow” out now!

Grab the “This Time Tomorrow” DVD by Chris Mulhern for $14 while we have copies. Shipping Included!

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