on the map — worldwide

New to the world of what it [dot] be ® our new section entitled “on the map” which brings you photo updates throughout the day, updated in realtime via the cellphone wave we like to call instagr.am. See what we are doing 24/7 around the world.

the [dot] everywhere

This is the collective feed for all the [dot] heads worldwide, east to west, north to south, we got multiple homies getting it in here.

Raspa back in NYC

Raspa down in Florida, updating the photo feed with crazy lifestyle shit, dope spot sightings, and ill shit you might not get to see everyday, so keep checking back.

Janchai Montrelerdrasme in Thailand

Janchai Montrelerdrasme is on the program with photos originating from but not limited to Bangkok, Thailand. He stays working in the industry overseas with companies like Converse and Preduce to name a few.

Daizo Shiode in Japan

Daizo Shiode was down to share his life over in the JP and you know we are hyped. He’ll be updating his feed daily through instagr.am showing you skateboarding and life in Japan through the eyes of a local.

Lui Araki in Tokyo

Lui Araki is from Kobe but now resides in Tokyo. He’s a photographer and skateboarder and has been dedicated to that life in Japan. You can check out his non-instagr.am photos.

Teak Leasor in Florida

Teak Leasor is on the map from Stuart, Florida to give you that 561 Skateboarding sunny beach lifestyle from a shop has been going strong 10 years plus.

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