September 22nd, 2010

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I‘m going to need those TPS reports…….ASAP…..”, then I say, you can pack those in ya ass. I got an interview together. It’s on Bogdan aka Dan. If you don’t know him, ya should, cause he does more than just skate. That’s what happens when you live in NYC. You might get wrapped up in a suit and tie, and then you fall off your bike, and your rocking some cast, and before you know it you miss your real bitch. And she’s always there waiting by the door, looking for a ride. I guess what I’m getting at is my skateboard, and his skateboard, and those of us into skateboarding, will always brush that dust off, and go out and do an ollie. At least I hope, till im dead…

who he [dot] be — Bogdan Dzyurak

So Bogdan where you originally from?

I’m from the Ukraine. Keiv, Ukraine. I’ve been up in NYC, for like 8 years now.

Ukraine on the map — photo

Your name is crazed kid, what does it mean? And what do the homies call you for a shorter version?

It means gift of god, ha ha ha, yeah mostly Dan from the homies, or Bog. My Mom had me when she was 19.

so.. 19?

Yeah, so I was a crazed gift, ha ha.

How did you end up in NYC?

My mom left Ukraine 14 years ago to come out here to work and what not. When she felt she was established enough I came. I actually had to come through Canada.

Bogdan old television Bogdan Dzyurak what it [dot] be edit by Mike Walsh

Bogdan Dzyurak what it [dot] be edit

A short, recent edit for what it [dot] be of Bogdan Dzyurak edited by Mike Walsh.

Really? This was Canada through America? just like that…

Yeah, she had the proper paperwork, and I was a youngster.

What was the coolest thing about the Ukraine or is?

It’s so hood, it’s worse than most projects here. Growing up out there really shapes you as a person, and moving to New York was the icing on the cake. If I moved to like dirty Jersey or something, I feel like I would turn out like such a kook.

Wallie transfer sequence ninja status

Ukraine hood? Like you started smoking cigs all young and drinking vodka… huh?

I smoked my first cig when I was 6, there are no laws against it really. I didn’t really drink that much before I left. But apparently after I left, the drinking phase started for all the homies.

Word… so you landed in NYC at what age?

At age 11, a month before 9/11. It was so sketch becasue my mom was taking me from Ukraine for a safer life. Then in the first month that happened. It was just mind boggling, I was just thinkin’ damn I came here to be safe and fools are already blowing up buildings. But it personally didn’t effect me as much as it did my Mom. I remember being in a park in Brooklyn watching the smoke, and all I could think about was going to the Owl’s Head park.

So you had already been into skating?

No, I started 7 or so years ago. Back then I was biking around and fruit booting.

Ha ha, gave that shit up fast huh?

At first I wasn’t psyched on skating at all, I thought it was pretty lame. Then one day I tried my cousins board and just fell in love.

What’s the vibe you feel in skateboarding at times… how has NYC skating been to you?

I grew up skating in the LES, so that was awsome being in the middle of the skate life. It’s funny, the first go skate day I went to in the city it was something like 500 or so kids. This year I hear they hit over 6,000. So it’s just crazy to see how much skateboarding blew up out here.

Shit, I know, it just keeps growing and growing… I think people just lose jobs and just go skate instead… how you making ends?

I worked for a recruiting firm on Wall Street doing research, but just got layed off due to budget cuts. I have been proudly unemployed lately, just trying to skate and vibe the summer.

So how did you meet Evan Walsh, is he like your homie filmer?

When I first started skating I made friends with a bunch of kids from Park Slope. That’s where I spent most of my high school weekends. One of the homies went to school with Evan, so that’s how we got introduced. After a year or so he picked up a camera and I guess he felt the same sensation I did when I first stepped on a board. He started going out with us just to cruise around and see what’s good. Once he got the hang of it, it was a wrap! hah

Bogdan wallies through the stopper — photo Bill Tomlin
I try not to really skate with a specific crew. I just go out and skate and whoever’s down is down.

That’s what up, so who’s the crew you roll out with?

I try not to really skate with a specific crew. I just go out and skate and whoever’s down is down.


I like to skate with kids that have good vibes. Those that hype you up to skate anything. Some of the best seshes I’ve had was skating a curb with a few homies. But Homage definitely hooks it up pretty hard, they back me on whatever I bring to the table, which is super chill. Cantor is one of the nicest dudes straight out the MIA to the BK …ha. He is the man, that dude did so much. Unfortunatly, he moved back to FL last month.

Are you serious? Thats news to me? So now what, he’s in MIA?

Yeah man, it kinda blows. He in the last two, or what 3 years, has really tried to make things official in the outskirts of BK.

What are some dope things that you are into that people don’t know about, besides skating ?

I love photgraphy, film, music and plants. I’m actually in school right now studying botany. Going to grow dem magic herbs.

I love photgraphy, film, music and plants. I’m actually in school right now studying botany. Going to grow dem magic herbs.

With making the magic herbs grow proper, you got some inside tips?

Haha youtube that shit. Its insane how much useful information there is on the internet. The main thing is tricking the plants about the time of year correctly. I’m not growing yet though.

You going for a 4 year degree?

Hopefully man. In reality, it’s all bullshit. No piece of paper should decide how intelligent or qualified you are.

Bogdan ollies a gap and fence in NYC

Exactly, paper with a signature, it’s all bullshit. BP is bullshit too. Fucking up plants, water, and my dolphins.

I know man, they REALLY fucked up, and it’s still flowing freely, what in its 5th month now.

And Obama said it might take years to stop, wtf?

They say it’s capped but I don’t know what to believe. I feel like they are just saying that to keep the public at bay. Just like there are no aliens! psh, ha ha.

For sure, like everything else happening. Alright back to skating, who is hooking you up proper? Sponsor wise?

I’ve been getting stuff from Vans for a while now, boards from Cliche. Although I’m not too sure what’s going on with that lately. And some hats and shirts from Elm clothing.

Who hooked that up… you just send footy or what?

When Matt (Cantor) was still at Homage, he was def hooking it up for me. Sending out my stuff to the reps and whatnot. That’s Matt for you, he’s a connector. Now that he’s gone I’m getting the word, I’m supposed to get shoes shipped straight to the crib, so hopefully that’ll work out.

Connector Cantor… haha, word, sounds good. Last but not least any shout out?

To Homage, Evan, all the homies on and off the boards that show me love and of course my mother, for bringing me into this beautiful life and supporting me with everything I do. Most parents I know aren’t too psyched on skating, but she just wants me to do me. That’s all you can really ask from a parent…

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