scatter brain

Everything that just doesn’t fit right in the sections we currently have gets featured in scatter brain. A big pile of interviews and features ranging from anything to anywhere and sometimes complete randomness.

link to Steve Rodriguez interview

Steve Rodriguez — and 5boro out now!

Steve Rodriguez breaks down 5boro, college, NYC, and Doogie with a little help from guests Nardelli and Tombo.

Frankie Hill interview on the [dot]

Frankie Hill — Back from the Dead out now!

Frankie Hill puts it all out there his way in an interview inaugurating his rise from the dead.

Jon Hofer from Switzerland

Jan Hofer Interview 2/13/2011

Come take a look at the world from the perspective of Jan Hofer, fellow Swiss skateboarder and graphic designer.

Swedish Scene NYC

Swedish Scene NYC 2/4/2011

This past summer some Swedish heads came to visit New York, get international with some Swedish Scene NYC.

Henrique Goncalves

Henrique — Cheese & Chocolate 10/20/2010

See what’s good across the globe in Switzerland with the Brazillian born [dot] head, Henrique Goncalves.

Dante Debose Interview

Dante Debose Interview 7/29/2010

Dante Debose from SPOT is interviewed in Gainesville for the [dot] by Jay Lang, Erik Knudsen, and Scott Kramer.

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