July 29th, 2010

dante debose — auto-bahndin'

It’s been a minute since we’ve had an interview here at the [dot] so we decided to get shit poppin’ again. For this latest feature we got Dante Debose, a homie that was born in Germany but resides in Florida. Flying out of windows on the Autobahn and getting cut up on different ends of the earth, Dante def has some stories to tell you. Open up your mind to his unique lifestyle and learn a thing or two from the homie Dante.

Interview by Jay Lang, Erik Knudsen, and Scott Kramer
auto-bahndin’ with Dante Debose

Dante Debose lurkin' — photo Scott Kramer

Lets start out with the basics, what’s your name?

Dante Desean Debose

And where you from?

Well I was born in Frankfurt, Germany. I lived there for a while, then from there I moved to California for a lil’ bit, but I call Gainesville, Florida my home.

So tell me about growing up skating in Cali.

California’s sick man, that’s where I started skateboarding. My parents were in the military, so we lived on the Air Force base. There was a skatepark right outside my house, I could see it from my window, and that’s where everyone hung out so I chilled there a lot, met a lot of ill homies, my homie Europe, JJ, Adam, and Chase. They held it down and showed me a lot of spots around town. We skated any and everything we could, churches, schools, streets, houses, whatever.

Dante Debose footage reel

Dante Debose footage reel

Peep this video edit of Dante killin’ shit and cruisin’ over in those Florida streets. The homie has steez.

So you were skating the aircraft hangers like in the first Tony Hawk?

Yeah dude! One time me and my friends, we all went out there and that’s where all the military planes and shit all fly into, they land, and all that you know… and they unload all their shit, and there was this spot, this ill spot off this loading dock right, it’s right there! So we’re skating it, we’re gettin mad clips man, we’re mad hyped and shit, and we’re getting ready to leave, and the Sgt. and all his crew come running up to us, they’re like, “CUT OFF YOUR CAMERA’S!” He was freakin out man, he’s like “SHOW ME EVERYTHING YOU JUST FILMED ON THERE!”. We sat and he watched all the footy n’ shit, then made us delete it all, got cops to escort us off the property and told us to never come back, I never went back since. Sucks man we didn’t know and we didn’t give a fuck about what they were doing, we were just skatin’.

What would you say you miss the most about California?

Fuckin’ freshly painted red curbs everywhere, grind for days!

Dante Debose frontside ollie transfer — photo Scott Kramer

So I heard they got a new park in Gainesville.

Yeah dude, Gainesville’s park is sick man, it’s all concrete! It’s good, Gainesville needed a place where everyone could just come and skate for free, you know, not have to worry about paying n’ shit, just come chill and cruise.

Who are some of the homies you skate with?

Carlos, Koki, Jimmy, Steve and James Spence, Johnny Wayne Rain, Chuey, Jay, Tony Turbo, Lurk Nasty Crew, everyone I can man, ALL THE HOMIES!

Have you been on any road trips lately?

A lil’ bit man, just around Florida though. We usually end up in Tampa for the most part. Got some ill homies that live there which we go and skate with. I just got a job so now I’m just saving up money and shit you know, so I can go on more trips man. I’m tryin to make it to Frisco and NYC. I went down to Miami one time, Miami was sick but we only stayed for 2 days. So it was kinda shitty for us, we got a taste of it and had to ride out.

Yeah New York is tight.

Hell yea man, I always see footy and shit of it, it looks so fuckin’ sick. It’s hype there all the time man, fuckin’ rage all night, skate all day!!

Dante Debose bs lipslide — photo Scott Kramer

What music do you like? What’s your day-to-day, and what’s your main squeeze?

Shit I been listenin’ to the Jazzmatazz volumes, Guru’s shit, Rest in Peace, Concrete Click, KRS-One, Ol Dirty Bastard, Otis Redding, Al Green, it’s so many I keep my ipod on shuffle anyway, so it’s always switchin’ up. But whenever I redo my ipod, I never take those off, I always keep em’ on there, probably just switch up the album or something. But I’d say my main squeeze, when it comes time to like, feel the music, I only feel it with the soul, man. The funk n’ shit, the blues.

James Brown.

James Brown dude, the funk man himself. Straight up, I’ll get down. You know like you play some hip-hop and I’ll get down, I’ll go dance or whatever. But you play some soul, you know what I’m sayin? Yo, I’ll, shit. That music means so much to me.

We’ve kicked it to some Bob Dylan too.

The Dylan. Yea man, there’s a lot of good music out there. Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson. And then there’s so much just bullshit music. You know, like every now and then I’ll hear a song that’s catchy…

Dante smoking cigarette — photo Scott Kramer

It’s catchy cause of the beat, not the lyrics.

Yea, I mean I hear some just whack shit, you know what I’m sayin? And like, it’s just, I don’t know man, I guarantee you they don’t live how they speak. That’s just the money talkin’.

They’re not on some real shit, they’re just on some materialistic shit. And that’s just not appealing to me. I’m not tryin to hate on it or nothing.

I am….

Yea, you know. It’s all about the hustle too though. You know what I mean, they’re fuckin’ hustling.

You can hustle to the good shit though too. This dude I work with fuckin blares Nickleback all day through these shitty-ass headphones, that I can hear from like across the aisle way.

Shout out to my niggas at Nickleback. My motha fuckin’ boys. I love ya’ll.

Where’s that harmonica at right now?

There’s one inside but I can’t play that one, the key is too high. I usually play in C.

If you could pour one out for somebody, who would you pour one out for?

Guru man, I’d pour the whole fuckin bottle out then have my boys pour theirs out too, gotta pay our respects.

For sure good choice.

…we went over the guard rails on the side of the Autobahn and started rolling and that’s when I flew out.
Dante Debose crooks to fakie — photo Scott Kramer

What are some of your favorite tricks that you like to do?

Umm, I usually do tre flips a lot, probably cause that’s the only trick I can really do. But I like fs shuvs, especially if you can do them nice and fast, pop it, catch it with that front foot! Straight chillin, yea front shuvs all day.

Any tricks your trying to come up on right now?

Umm……let me think……umm, honestly naa not really. I’ve just been cruisin man, you know, like sometimes I’ll learn new shit, but for the most part I just cruise around.

Dante Debose pool chillin' — photo Scott Kramer

Any crazy stories growing up you could share with us?

When I was younger my family got into this gnarly wreck. Like I ended up flying out of the window cause I wasn’t wearing my seat belt, we went over the guard rails on the side of the Autobahn and started rolling and that’s when I flew out. I was tiny though I went right through the window. It happened so fast. I hit the snow and started rolling. Shit was crazy man everyone ended up being fine though.

…he stabs me in my back. I trucked him but I fell, and he started running up on me tryin to stab me while I was on the ground dude, he was fuckin crazy man.

Damn that’s crazy man, I heard another story about Tampa Pro…

Yeah man, it was a bunch of homies from the [Gaines]ville and shit. We was at the Ghostface and Raekwon show gettin fucked up, havin’ a good time, you know. We were staying at my homie Jon Cornell’s house and there was a party goin on when we got back from the show. There was this guy there, his name was Andrew Shields, he was like cuttin’ himself and doin all this crazy shit man. I don’t know what the fuck was wrong with him. He was making racial jokes and shit towards me and I was just kinda like whateva man. Me and some homies ended up leaving for a lil’ bit, and when we came back my homie Corey was outside about to scrap with the man. And I see Corey throw a lil’ slap at him and the dude sliced his arm with a fuckin knife he had, so I freaked out and went inside and grabbed a skateboard and came back outside and was trying to get the dude to leave. He turns around and is like “you fucking nigger!” and just squared up with me and started swinging the knife. So I started swinging my board and he stabs me in my back. I trucked him but I fell, and he started running up on me tryin to stab me while I was on the ground dude, he was fuckin crazy man. My homie Dumizzle came from the back and got him on the ground, that’s when everyone ran in and fuckin’ worked that kid. I thought he was gonna die… (laughter), like this dude Hollis was hittin him over the head with a Vodka bottle over and over trying to break it over his head but it wouldn’t break! Then he just chucked it (laughter).

Dante's covered up stab wound — photo Scott Kramer

What happened to the guy who stabbed you?

He went to the hospital and then he went to jail but he was only there for a day then he was released, they tried getting me to take the case to court but fuck that shit. I wasn’t tryin’ to deal with no court shit man, we pretty much settled it that night to me.

Yeah for sure.

So What do you like to do when you’re not skating?

Uhhh, shit dude, just chill with the homies, relax. We been goin’ out to the springs and stuff, going out to Bob’s river place. Just floatin down the river and shit, it’s really fun man. It’s been really hot and humid lately too.

Tell me a little more about Bob’s.

Dude Bob is sick man, he’s got a bunch of rope swings, and trees to climb, slides, karaoke, and ladders you climb and shit. It all goes into the Ichitucknee River man, it’s so much fun. It’s free, well sometimes they charge you, you know, but it’s ill cause your just supporting the dude, you know what I mean. He just keeps building things and improving them over and over yo. Like mad props to him, he’s really humble and shit too.

So tell me about this new job you got.

Yeah dude, Nett’s Cleaning Service. Shes ill yo, Nett’s real tight, she hooked it up. Me and my boy Chuey and Stephen, a bunch of us all went out there one day and all applied, got the job, and all took the class the same day. We gonna start workin’ pretty soon, we’re gonna be painting, fuckin’ straight hustlin’ man.


Ha, hell yea, straight hustlin son.

Street or Tranny?

Ha, tranny. Or if it’s some street with some tranny (laughter). But tranny for sure dude. Street’s ill, you know what I mean, street’s really fun too. But like, I don’t know, it ain’t as fun as tranny man. But either way, your gonna have a good time.

What were some of your favorite skate videos coming up?

Uhhh, I liked “Sight Unseen” a lot, “PJ’s Wonderful Horrible Life”, “Flip Sorry”, “Man Down”, “In Bloom”, any Thrasher vid. Dude, too many man, too many to name, they’re all sick though.

Dante smith grind — photo Scott Kramer

Whats up with Mandible Claw, tell me about filming for that, how was it?

Dude, “Fully Flailed”! Filming for that video was the funnest times I’ve ever had filming. It’s myself, Koki Loaiza, Erik Knudsen, Vince Canger, Mandible Claw himself Colin Read, Steve and James Spence, Jimmy Lannon, Alex Fogt, Carlos Jaramillo, Matt Town, Shawn Bowlus, Johnny Rainy, Chuey, Cornell Ritter, Mike Roders, Steve Cock, some Tampa homies, some 561 homies, some Brevard homies, and so many more. It’s like a nice break from all the crazy insane skate videos you see now, It’s just fun man. There’s mad spoofs on videos and shit, it’s sick man. It’s all filmed with a handycam too (laughter), dude he don’t give a fuck about no VX seriously (laughter). If anyone wants to order the video go to mandibleclaw.blogspot.com and you can order it from there. And also keep up with his new video in the works, “The Hunt for Mandible Chin.”

One more thing what’s up with the Rip Reapers?

Dude the Fuckin Rip Reaperzzz, “Comin for all you fuckin HEAT SEEKAZ” is, uhh, me, Peppermint Schnapps, Chuey aka The Baca, and Los the motha fuckin’ C-Lock. We’re just the real brutality movement of hip-hop man, you know what I mean. Like we’re comin with shit that’s crazy. Everything’s unexpected, none of our songs are written, they’re all freestyles so it’s like you get what we give you, you know what I mean. You get what you get type deal.

So whens that album dropping?

Ahh man soon, you’ll know man (laughter), the whole world will know about the Rip Reaperzzz when we drop.

Any shout outs or last words?

Yeah man, shout out to my parents Lola and Greg, my lil’ sister and brothers, my whole family, all the Gainesville heads 352, Nolan Lee, Scott Kramer, Katelynn, Jimmy, T.B., my girl Mary Jane, everyone man. Keep shit positive man. Fuck the bullshit, ain’t no time for it!!

To see Dante’s and other parts in Mandible Claw, go to the mandible claw blogspot. For more photos of Dante and others, go to scottkramer.blogspot.com.

Dante bridge photo — photo Scott Kramer
auto-bahndin’ conducted by Jay Lang, Erik Knudsen, and Scott Kramer
photography by Scott Kramer
designed by Bradley Cushing

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