Last photos with Murilo Romao
Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 by collective

Murilo Romao sitting down at the banks in Astoria

Murilo Romao chillin at Astoria banks in Queens — Ricardo Napoli

Murilo Romao had this last batch of photos shot by Ricardo Napoli a couple months ago. Murilo brought good times while skating around the city, he was always hyped to be checking out new spots and skate anything and everything he could. Him and Felipe were both on the program to make the most out of their skate trip form Sao Paulo, Brazil here to New York and they definitely put in the work to show it. Below we got a poppy frontside flip for you shot on a clear day in Astoria, Queens.

Murilo Romao frontside kickflip at Astoria banks

Murilo Romao is a little homie with a big frontside flip at Astoria banks in Queens, NY — Ricardo Napoli

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