Mike Powley X Ryan Zimmerman
Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 by collective

Good Days, Bad Days, Grey Clouds, and Silver Linings.

Mike Powley calls me up with a photo idea. Nollie heel over a gap downtown. Cool I say. We meet up one evening and it’s there, so close we can taste it, no security, heaven. After a bit of trying it Mike’s landing on it but the crown of the street keeps throwing him. He’s getting mad and light is fading. “Let’s come back next week’” I say.

Mike Powley be screamin' — photo Ryan Zimmerman

Flash forward to next week. As we roll up some kids are getting kicked out and being nasty little rig rats to the super of the building, not wanting to push it we go down the block and let things cool down. After about an hour we go back, boom kicked out right away, wait another hour, same thing. Then the supers’ cronies come down and at his instruction start hammering the runway to make it unskateable! Never have I seen someone go that far. To actually destroy their own property to stop us from skating!

Bummed out and pissed off we roll off only to find this gap over a rail across the street. While setting up the tenant comes home and seems stoked, defiantly not mad, and gives up permission. Right about now the light is great on the Westside and I got this snap. One of my favorite shots of the summer. -Ryan Zimmerman

Mike Powley ollies in NYC's lower westside
photos and words Ryan Zimmerman

Ryan Zimmerman is also at STOPDOWN PHOTOGRAPHY

2 Responses to “Mike Powley X Ryan Zimmerman”

  1. Bryan V said on
    Photo is dead on, the lighting, timing, everything is sick!
  2. mandible claw said on
    awesome shot. in florida, i’ve seen a dude kick over his own marble bench so we couldn’t skate it. people are strange.

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