Rafael Gomes, Brazil & 5BORO
Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 by collective

Rafael Gomes SKATE magazine cover in New Jersey

Rafael Gomes smith grind SKATE Brazil cover

Rafael Gomes with 5BORO just released a pro deck in Brazil that was presented at the Agenda Trade Show 2012 in Long Beach, California. Rafael was the best skater in 2010, elected by the Cemporcento Skate Magazine in Brazil.

Renato Custodio shot the magazine cover with the smith grind in NJ and Rodrigo Petersen shot the board preview at the Agenda show. From his past visit up to NYC he got down on a couple photos with the homie Ricardo Napoli also.

This lipslide with ease is in Astoria, Queens shown below and a backside noseblunt from flat under the BQE last, a usual spot for the New York winter months.

Rafael fs lipslide across the brick banks in Queens

Rafael lipslides in Astoria from bank to bank — photo Ricardo Napoli

Rafael Gomes professional board

Rafael Gomes pro board for 5BORO Brazil — photo Rodrigo Petersen

Rafael under the BQE in BK bs noseblunt from flat

Rafael Gomes backside noseblunts from flat in BK — photo Ricardo Napoli

photo Ricardo Napoli

Ricardo Napoli personal portfolio

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