Dear Ukraine, This is a Bogdan Dzyurak Post.
Friday, May 25th, 2012 by darnell

I had a very sad weekend. It was mainly because one of the most fun people to skate with had the top of the radial cup chipped off of his arm and was drained 2 needles worth of blood after taking a nasty fall at the King of Spring in Astoria. As New York City knows, Bogdan is the Great Ukrainian Hope of  skateboarding and with his absence until he is all better, the random drunk calls of “lets shoot tonight” will cease for the time being. No more calls of, “Yo can I instagram that flick we just took?” or the constant enthusiasm of just going out to skate because of the wholehearted idea of having fun! He is also one of the only people I know that is actually down to meet up at the butt crack of dawn to accomplish any trick he is determined to land. But on a plus note, non-skate Bogdan is just as fun as skate Bogdan. He’s still going to be running Tre Truck so be sure to sign his cast if you’re at any of the parks the truck stops by. If he doesn’t have a cast on, sign his actual arm, its always the thought that counts, no? I am not one to sign people’s cast, but I WILL make a cool little dedication to the death of his piece of radial cup that I will now name Chip. Chip, this post’s for you. You will be missed!

Bogdan bs ts a philly step in Manhattan
Bogdan Dyzurak fs lip nosegrind in the city

Bogdan getting all Film Noir with this front lip to nosegrind — photo Darnell Scott

Bogdan noseblunt at the courthouse in ManhattanBogdan crooked grind in gutter of Chinatown
photo Darnell Scott

Darnell Scott blogs at Faces Faced

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