Cam’Ron “140th and lex where the drama lie”.
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 by raspa

Cam’Ron followers who haven’t been getting enough music from the Harlem rapper are about to be hyped. Killa Cam announced on Twitter that he will be releasing a song a day for the next 30 days (except for the weekends), starting today (April 16th). “I’ma start releasing the #UNLostFiles 2mr”, tweeted Cam. Here’s a track that’s classic Cam… day 3.

Besides this new Cam shit called UNLostFiles, the Dipset rapper has been working on his forthcoming album, “More Gunz, Less Buttah”, which is set to drop sooner than later. Harlem wants a superbowl so Cam said it’s turtle time… ps… first day he got Titty attack & Tears
day dos.

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